Want a simple dating app that doesn’t have to have too many features but only has a profile, messaging and other features that are for fun and love? Get Zoosk, a dating app that lets mingle with millions of people worldwide. Whether you’re at work or at home, you can flirt, mingle, socialize or date with someone right here, right now. Wonderful, right?

Zoosk has fewer features than most dating apps but it makes up for it in simplicity. It doesn’t distract you with its design or extravagant features. Instead, Zoosk features the most simple of features. It features a simply-designed profile search, a messaging system,  a search bar that lets you find the right one, a gift feature that lets you send virtual gifts and more. You can also take a photo of yourself and even change it for your profile photo.

Zoosk is very easy to use, thanks to the simple design. You won’t find it a hard time to navigate. It’s also easy when finding your date, especially when you can also bookmark them so it really makes it easy to keep track. But I rate the app 2 out of 5 because although Zoosk has some cool features, my only gripe with this app is the subscription. It’s a bit steep and when you subscribe, it’s useless if you’re messaging someone who’s using the free version because they won’t be able to respond to your messages. Zoosk doesn’t even tell you that at the start so make sure to read reviews before you decide to subscribe for this app.