SmartDating Takes iPhone Dating Apps to a Whole New Level

SmartDating iPhone App,  Takes Dating Apps to a Whole New Level

The Free SmartDating® App for the iPhone takes online dating to a whole new level.  No longer are you stuck with the limitations that most online dating sites provide; now you can go all the way.  This application still utilizes the most famous feature that many people take for granted, sending out a wink

Winks have long been considered an easy way to flirt with someone, or to let them know you’re interested in them.  These have been used in abundance as long as online dating has been around, and will continue to be an integral part no matter what service you use.  The SmartDating® app is no different.  There are dozens of different winks to choose from to make sure you can send just the message to that potential someone.

That’s not all this application does however.  Why not really try to win over the hearts of that person by saying what words can’t always manage?  The application makes it possible for you to send flowers and candy and more and not just virtual ones.

Your information, as well as that of the recipient is sent to the vendor of your choosing, and you will be contacted by them to be sure that the order is handled exactly the way that you intend it to be.

There is a wide variety of what you can send from the application, from edible arrangements, teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, and more flower arrangements than you could ever dream of.  The decision is ultimately up to you, however the application is able to provide you with the most commonly chosen items, to help you decide even better what to use.

Not only does this application give you the necessity of keeping up with your online dating life wherever you go, but it won’t even cost you anything to download it.   It’s easy to use, has all of the same features you would find in an online version, and even has some extras that you just can’t get with a laptop.

One of the most original features of this dating application is its ability to show you people in your area that you are chatting with.  This isn’t a very new feature by itself; many people are familiar with apps like this and use them frequently, but they haven’t really been used before in this context.  This makes it more convenient for last minute get-togethers, and can give you a better sense of just where all these people are located that you are getting to know.  GPS can be a very useful thing.

It even uses the popular Facebook App,  Social Connect to easily allow you to switch to your Facebook page and other social networking sites with the swipe of a finger.  With over 200 million viewers on the popular site, it’s no surprise that it is being used to find potential suitors as well.

If you are weary about sending a real gift to someone, or think it’s too early in the relationship to do this, there are plenty of virtual options as well.  The charms feature allows you to send just the right gift to start a conversation or share an interest.  No matter if it is soccer, places, or just a cheerful greeting; there is the perfect charm for every occasion.

There is also a video profile feature that allows you view others videos or upload your own.  It’s always nice to be able to see who you are talking to, even when you are in different locations.  Overall, this application takes all of the best features of other applications and combines them with an online dating service to create the ultimate dating application.  With its extremely affordable price tag, it is free after all, this is a must have application for anyone currently using online dating to find their special someone.

The only major downsides to this application is that it is currently only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but don’t worry Android users; they are currently working on a version of SmartDating® for you.  SmartDating® receives a 5 out of 5 possible points.  This app is focused on daters, but it can be used as a fun friend finder as well.  Some of the features didn’t make it into the initial release, but there’s enough content in the app to keep daters happy.