LoveFinder Easy Dating iPhone app Review


It seems like there are a ton of different dating services out there for people to use in order to find that someone special.  All of them claim to be the best dating source available to singles out there who are looking for love.  Well the LoveFinder Easy Dating iPhone app is actually one of the elite dating apps that is out there for the mobile phone industry.  One of the really cool parts about this app is that you will really be able to find all kinds of smart and gorgeous people through it.  There are some pretty amazing singles that are already using the app and now you will just be able to add yourself to the list and start searching.  This is a very simple dating app that is meant to help you quickly and immediately find those people that can make you the happiest.  You will be able to see immediate pictures of all of the people that you could potentially date and you will also be able to see emails as well.  Not only that, you will also be able to get the phone numbers of these people that are also looking for love and want you to be able to call them!


  • One of the really cool features of the app is that you will be able to find potential matches that are close to you.  Pretty much the app uses the GPS in your phone to be able to see where you are currently located and then it will find people that are all within a certain amount of miles.  You will be able to specify how far away you want the app to search for people
  • Many people are concerned about the safety of their information when they get on dating sites or download dating apps.  With the LoveFinder app you will notice that it is completely safe and secure and you won’t even have to supply any kind of profile about yourself
  • The search features on the app are also great because they are completely unrestricted.  you are able to see pictures, the tastes and hobbies of the people on there as well as the email information
  • You don’t have to login in order to use the app so that is great.  As soon as you download the app you will realize that everything is ready to be used right then and there.  This makes it easy access for anyone that is in the mood for love


This app has not gotten very good ratings from iPhone app consumers that have tried it out.  It is currently sitting at a measly 1 1/2 stars out of 5 stars by user that have rated it and tried it out.  Not only that, it appears that the app is no longer free and now costs a price of $4.99 to be able to download it onto your iPhone.