Jazzed Dating app

Jazzed is a dating app for the iPhone and Android where you find and mingle with the one for you. But instead of doing the usual routine of finding one, you’ll do it in unique ways. Do you want to show people who you really are? Are text profiles not enough? You can use photos to express! Jazzed is the app that lets you find out about your potential mate using their photos as a indicator of who they really are. Discover why millions of users are using Jazzed!

Jazzed features the usual features of dating apps, such as profile viewing and messaging but Jazzed features the exclusive Photo Express. This feature lets you take pictures of anything from your face to the things that interest you such as sunsets and biking. This feature gives people a glimpse of what you really are as a person. Whether you have a happy-minded attitude or you like the 70s, Jazzed lets you express that through photos. This complements the profile you put up so having photos is a definite plus.

Jazzed is surprisingly easy to use. Liking photos, making winks, putting on icebreakers and uploading your profile with photos are easy to learn. The design of the app is simple so swiping where you need to go next won’t be too hard. Also, using photos actually makes it easier to find your potential mate because you can finally find someone like-minded like you. Why imagine when you can finally see? The Photo Express alone already gives Jazzed a rating of 5 out of 5.