Flirtomatic App

If you only got 20 seconds to find a new friend or date, try Flirtomatic. It’s the app that lets you go on a flirting session with someone new for 20 seconds or more and in that time, you’ll find out whether the person you flirted with is someone worth going for or not. Whether you’re going to a date at the club or a hangout at the bowling club, use this app to find someone worth going for, 20 seconds or more.

Flirtomatic features the essential features of dating apps with the extra ones, such as winks and kisses with even more extras such as wolf kisses. It features a live chat feature that lets you chat with your potential date. It features a GPS that lets you find not just a potential date but also mark your favorite hangout place to find people a potential date there. It also features a dashboard that lets you know what’s going around in your area or in someone else’s area. There are even more features unlocked when you subscribe.

Flirtomatic is a bit daunting because there tons of features tucked in many of the menus you’ll access. But once you get used to navigating through the app, you’ll have no problem at all. It’s not that hard to use. But I rate the app 4 out of 5 because the color scheme, although cute and nice, doesn’t quite bring it nicely. Also, some of the features are a bit useless. But it’s still a good, solid dating app.