eHarmony App

When it come to giving you a meaningful dating app experience, there’s nothing like eHarmony. Taking the essential features of most dating apps, eHarmony turns them into something that creates the harmony in eHarmony and gives you a colorful and worthwhile experience to find the one that’s perfect for you. 5% of marriages came from people meeting on eHarmony. Will you be one of them?

eHarmony has features like those seen in dating apps but it takes them to a whole new level. It features the usual profile set-up but instead of using usual questions, it revs it up by featuring a Relationship Questionnaire, where it takes the information of profiles and turn them into  questions. eHarmony features a chapter-based set-up that lets you organize all the info you’ll need to find your potential partner. It also features a Personality Profile, profile viewer and more. You can also subscribe to eHarmony to unlock even more exclusive features. But definitely, the draw here is defining who you really are to find a highly compatible single.

eHarmony is surprisingly easy to use. The design has simplicity to it, the layout is intuitive and the search for partners is fast and easy. Though you’ll need to subscribe to access the better options, using the free features is still good. If you found it easy to use the web site, the eHarmony is just as easy to use as well. Because of its ease of use, its great features and its intuitive layout, I rate this app 5 out of 5.