Christian Cafe

If you’ve been looking for a potential date who’s Christian just like you, your prayers have been answered with Christian Cafe. Christian Cafe is a dating app that’s built specifically for Christians. If you’ve found it hard finding a date that shares you religion, you can finally find it here on Christian Cafe. Why end up with the wrong person when the Christian Cafe can help you find the right one, especially the one that was intended for you from the Lord?

Christian Cafe features the essentials of dating apps such as profile viewing and date searching but it features unique aspects that make this a very Christian dating app. It features further profile information such as choosing what section of church you are in, setting up prayer requests and more. Another unique feature is the removal of profiles after 90 days of not logging-in. It also features subscriptions to unlock even more features, especially when you want to use the unlimited messaging.

Christian Cafe is very easy to use. It’s daunting when it comes to using the religion-specific features but when you’ll get used to it eventually which is too bothersome. Since this app is designed specifically for Christians, finding your potential partner won’t be a hassle anymore since you share the same religion. It may take time but at least you can finally find that partner. My only gripe is the subscription which is a bit steep. Because of these features, the ease of use and more, Christian Cafe gets a rating of 4 out of 5.