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Plenty of Fish

Heard of the quote, “There’s plenty of fish out in the sea”? Well, apparently someone turned that into an app. Plenty of Fish is a dating app for the iPhone and Android that, unlike many of the major dating apps out there, Plenty of Fish is free! There are no hidden costs or tricks here; you can chat, message, wink and do everything you ever do in other dating apps for the cost of none. With 39.5 million users using this app, do you really have to go to other dating apps?

Plenty of Fish features almost everything other dating apps feature: the messaging, the profile making, the bookmarking, the chatting and everything else but Plenty of Fish makes them all for free. So you don’t need to pay extra to chat unlimited; you can do that for FREE. You can pick places to meet with your potential date, you can text chat, check out images and more. Plenty of Fish also features a nice layout and a smooth, outline user interface.

Plenty of Fish is very easy to use. Though it’s a bit intimidating with some of the features, you’ll get a hand of it the more you use it. While it’s really good to use and finding your date is good, you’ll find it’s got some problems. Both iPhone and Android have had update problems, with notifications not notifying and the app not working after updates. If future updates can fix it up, the app would be perfect. For now, I rate this app 3 out of 5. 

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Four Square

Four Square is a social network app where you let your family and friends where you are in the world. It’s the app that lets you share your experiences with the world. Whether it’s going to the Himalayas, eating a nice juicy dessert in Paris or riding the deserts of the Sahara, Four Square lets you share what you experienced with the world and more.

Four Square features a lot of things that let you share your experience. It features a system that when you make a status update, Four Square automatically tells people where you were at the time. From the address to the location, everyone will know where you were at the time. It lets you see what you’re friends are up to. It features discounts from businesses that supports Four Square so when you want to eat somewhere, at least you can buy at a discounted price. It also features lists of places that are recommended by Four Square users so you can experience it for yourself.

Four Square is a bit daunting at first but once you use it for a while, you’ll find it’s very easy to use. Being able to share your experience with family and friends is a worthwhile experience since all the features of Four Square make it easier for you. Because of the intuitive features, the easy navigation and innovative uses, I rate this app 5 out of 5. If you loved the Big Mac at your McDonald’s or surfed the good waves of Hawaii, share it with Four Square.

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eHarmony App

When it come to giving you a meaningful dating app experience, there’s nothing like eHarmony. Taking the essential features of most dating apps, eHarmony turns them into something that creates the harmony in eHarmony and gives you a colorful and worthwhile experience to find the one that’s perfect for you. 5% of marriages came from people meeting on eHarmony. Will you be one of them?

eHarmony has features like those seen in dating apps but it takes them to a whole new level. It features the usual profile set-up but instead of using usual questions, it revs it up by featuring a Relationship Questionnaire, where it takes the information of profiles and turn them into  questions. eHarmony features a chapter-based set-up that lets you organize all the info you’ll need to find your potential partner. It also features a Personality Profile, profile viewer and more. You can also subscribe to eHarmony to unlock even more exclusive features. But definitely, the draw here is defining who you really are to find a highly compatible single.

eHarmony is surprisingly easy to use. The design has simplicity to it, the layout is intuitive and the search for partners is fast and easy. Though you’ll need to subscribe to access the better options, using the free features is still good. If you found it easy to use the web site, the eHarmony is just as easy to use as well. Because of its ease of use, its great features and its intuitive layout, I rate this app 5 out of 5. 

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SKOUT Dating App

 Want a different kind of dating app where it’s all about expanding your social circle, finding new people to connect with and dating someone? It’s time to get SKOUT, a new app that doesn’t define itself as a dating app but more of a social networking app. Instead of going with the usual dating app routine, SKOUT instead lets you make the choice of meeting new people as friends, not just as a date.

SKOUT features the essentials of popular dating apps such as searching for the people you want to hang out with and giving the people a buzz. But it also features unique features not seen in other apps. There are features such as joining an ongoing event, which makes it a social party and posting pictures at social events for people to see. It also features a messaging system but unlike other dating apps, you can send and receive messages without subscribing which has been an ongoing issue with most apps. No need for winking; you can now message that girl or guy you eyed for so long.

SKOUT may look daunting to use but when you use it, you’ll find it’s very easy. Finding parties, finding dates and finding friends are easy. Though there are some features that can only be unlocked when you buy the app, there’s just a few. The majority of features are free so you won’t really need to buy the app. Because of the ease of use and the fact it’s free, I rate this app 5 out of 5.

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Want a simple dating app that doesn’t have to have too many features but only has a profile, messaging and other features that are for fun and love? Get Zoosk, a dating app that lets mingle with millions of people worldwide. Whether you’re at work or at home, you can flirt, mingle, socialize or date with someone right here, right now. Wonderful, right?

Zoosk has fewer features than most dating apps but it makes up for it in simplicity. It doesn’t distract you with its design or extravagant features. Instead, Zoosk features the most simple of features. It features a simply-designed profile search, a messaging system,  a search bar that lets you find the right one, a gift feature that lets you send virtual gifts and more. You can also take a photo of yourself and even change it for your profile photo.

Zoosk is very easy to use, thanks to the simple design. You won’t find it a hard time to navigate. It’s also easy when finding your date, especially when you can also bookmark them so it really makes it easy to keep track. But I rate the app 2 out of 5 because although Zoosk has some cool features, my only gripe with this app is the subscription. It’s a bit steep and when you subscribe, it’s useless if you’re messaging someone who’s using the free version because they won’t be able to respond to your messages. Zoosk doesn’t even tell you that at the start so make sure to read reviews before you decide to subscribe for this app.

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