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Math gets you date? Really? OkCupid does just that: use math to get you a date. OkCupid is a dating app for the iPhone and Blackberry where you use new, innovative features that give you the potential date you deserve. Unlike other dating apps where you do the usual routine, OkCupid does it differently so you’ll have a date that’s unlike any other. Whether you’re lazy or willing, OkCupid calculates based on what you put in and you’ll get a date. Math rules right?

OkCupid features everything from the version, such as the Locals feature where you can meet potential singles nearby your area, customization of searching to find your match, the option to broadcast your status and more. It’s also got a text message feature which doesn’t require further subscribing. The best part of all of these great features is: it’s FREE. It’s also got extras such as personality tests, marking up a location to meet your date and so much more. Why subscribe when it’s all for free?

OkCupid is very easy to use. Finding what you need with this app has a good ease of use. The app is designed to have a good navigation pace so you can find the right one for yourself. It also has great notification features which make it easy to find out if you got any messages, which has been a problem for most dating apps. That’s why because of this features and ease of use, OkCupid is rated 5 out of 5. 

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Jazzed Dating app

Jazzed is a dating app for the iPhone and Android where you find and mingle with the one for you. But instead of doing the usual routine of finding one, you’ll do it in unique ways. Do you want to show people who you really are? Are text profiles not enough? You can use photos to express! Jazzed is the app that lets you find out about your potential mate using their photos as a indicator of who they really are. Discover why millions of users are using Jazzed!

Jazzed features the usual features of dating apps, such as profile viewing and messaging but Jazzed features the exclusive Photo Express. This feature lets you take pictures of anything from your face to the things that interest you such as sunsets and biking. This feature gives people a glimpse of what you really are as a person. Whether you have a happy-minded attitude or you like the 70s, Jazzed lets you express that through photos. This complements the profile you put up so having photos is a definite plus.

Jazzed is surprisingly easy to use. Liking photos, making winks, putting on icebreakers and uploading your profile with photos are easy to learn. The design of the app is simple so swiping where you need to go next won’t be too hard. Also, using photos actually makes it easier to find your potential mate because you can finally find someone like-minded like you. Why imagine when you can finally see? The Photo Express alone already gives Jazzed a rating of 5 out of 5.

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Flirtomatic App

If you only got 20 seconds to find a new friend or date, try Flirtomatic. It’s the app that lets you go on a flirting session with someone new for 20 seconds or more and in that time, you’ll find out whether the person you flirted with is someone worth going for or not. Whether you’re going to a date at the club or a hangout at the bowling club, use this app to find someone worth going for, 20 seconds or more.

Flirtomatic features the essential features of dating apps with the extra ones, such as winks and kisses with even more extras such as wolf kisses. It features a live chat feature that lets you chat with your potential date. It features a GPS that lets you find not just a potential date but also mark your favorite hangout place to find people a potential date there. It also features a dashboard that lets you know what’s going around in your area or in someone else’s area. There are even more features unlocked when you subscribe.

Flirtomatic is a bit daunting because there tons of features tucked in many of the menus you’ll access. But once you get used to navigating through the app, you’ll have no problem at all. It’s not that hard to use. But I rate the app 4 out of 5 because the color scheme, although cute and nice, doesn’t quite bring it nicely. Also, some of the features are a bit useless. But it’s still a good, solid dating app.

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Christian Cafe

If you’ve been looking for a potential date who’s Christian just like you, your prayers have been answered with Christian Cafe. Christian Cafe is a dating app that’s built specifically for Christians. If you’ve found it hard finding a date that shares you religion, you can finally find it here on Christian Cafe. Why end up with the wrong person when the Christian Cafe can help you find the right one, especially the one that was intended for you from the Lord?

Christian Cafe features the essentials of dating apps such as profile viewing and date searching but it features unique aspects that make this a very Christian dating app. It features further profile information such as choosing what section of church you are in, setting up prayer requests and more. Another unique feature is the removal of profiles after 90 days of not logging-in. It also features subscriptions to unlock even more features, especially when you want to use the unlimited messaging.

Christian Cafe is very easy to use. It’s daunting when it comes to using the religion-specific features but when you’ll get used to it eventually which is too bothersome. Since this app is designed specifically for Christians, finding your potential partner won’t be a hassle anymore since you share the same religion. It may take time but at least you can finally find that partner. My only gripe is the subscription which is a bit steep. Because of these features, the ease of use and more, Christian Cafe gets a rating of 4 out of 5. 

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JDate Mobile

No matter what, whether you’re busy at work, school or something, don’t let life’s priorities stop you from finding the one. With JDate Mobile, finding your potential mate will only take a few minutes of your life. The JDate Mobile takes away from the web browser version so you can meet potential mates through chat, profile browsing and more. Who knows… you might just find that potential mate while getting your promotion.

JDate Mobile has tons of features that are taken from the full version. It lets you view profile activity, so you’ll know what’s going on with your profile. It lets you send Flirts, so you can let your potential date know you noticed him or her. You can also add some of the users of JDate Mobile as a favorite so you can browse them later. You can also view member’s profile for more information on who they are and what they like and dislike. It has all the good features of dating apps but streamlines them for easy navigation. Like other dating apps, it also has subscriptions so you can make the choice of going free or paid.

JDate Mobile is easy to use. Thanks to its simplistic design with a streamlined layout, JDate Mobile makes it easy for you. It also has touch screen controls so zooming in and swiping to navigate is nothing too hard to handle. So with all of these features making it easier for you, I rate the app 5 out of 5.

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